The Sugar-free Miracle™ Diet Advantage

749Exclusively for out-of-control eaters and for anyone who hasn’t been able to sustain long-term weight loss on other programs.

Yes! I want to stop binge eating and being out-of-control with food.
Yes! I want an easy weight loss program that doesn’t feel like a diet.
Yes! I want to conquer my cravings.
Yes! I want to shrink at least one body size per month.
Yes! I want to lose my belly fat and my thunder thighs.
Yes! I want to enjoy food by putting fat back into my diet.
Yes! I never want to be hungry with miniscule portions.
Yes! I want to be happy with the way I feel about myself and the way I treat my body.
Yes! I want to eat “normal” food that I can buy in a grocery store or find in a restaurant.
Yes! I want to learn how to eat in a practical way that I can sustain for a long time.
Yes! I want an affordable solution.
Yes! I want to start right away.

Everything you need to know in one easy-to-read book
Karen Bentley’s Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Handbook is the definitive, must-have bible of sugar-free and wheat-free eating. It’s a proven, easy weight loss program that’s specifically designed to stop out-of-control eating. This practical eating style also works for all people who have not had lasting success on other programs.

Out-of-control eating is a special problem
Out-of-control eating is a special problem that’s exacerbated by a low-fat or low-calorie eating strategy. Eating regimes that feature even small or moderate amounts of caloric sweeteners or powdery flours are problematic. Sure, you’ll lose weight, but you won’t be able to sustain it the weight loss, you’ll always be hungry, and you’ll continue to binge. This is because caloric sweeteners and flours are powerful trigger foods for out-of-control eaters. They create hunger, cravings and insanity with food.

sugar freeYou need a special solution
Why deal with an eating program that works against you? It makes zero sense to keep repeating the same ineffective process over and over when you keep getting a temporary, problematic result. It’s not you! It’s the lame eating program you’re following. You can’t stop eating, but you can stop eating toxic and addictive substances like caloric sweeteners and powdery flours. Life is easier and more manageable when these trigger foods are out of your food supply.

Experts and nutritionists who do not suffer from out-of-control eating are well-intended, but they do not understand food addiction. They do not know what you’re dealing with. They do not advocate this easy solution. And most importantly, they do not have a new and useful answer for you, but Karen Bentley does.

It’s the sugar, stupid!
Sugars and flours make you fat. Sugars and flours make you hungry and crazy with food. Sugars and flours are toxic to your metabolism. They make you tired. They generate more cholesterol than eating fats. They create internal inflammation. They provoke insulin resistance. And they’re linked to every chronic disease you don’t want. It really is the sugar, stupid! And, of course, all the powdery flours that quickly convert to sugar in your bloodstream.

The Sugar-free Miracle™ Diet is the simple, doable, powerful solution you’ve been looking for.

About Karen Bentley

Karen BentleyI'm the creator of The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet System, the founder of The Sugar-Free Institute, and an internationally-recognized sugar-free expert. I’ve been specializing in out-of-control food issues and sugar-free eating since 1998. Read More

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Kim H lost 55 pounds on the Sugar-Free Miracle™ diet. Kim H. after "It was easier to stay on it than I thought. I really didn''t have any cravings, and it was pretty easy. I don't cut fat out at all. I just incorporate it as I normally would do. You have to want to be good to yourself... Everyone can benefit from taking sugar out of their diet. It's a surprise how much food there is to eat on this program. I'm more productive throughout the day. I'm pleasant. I'm happier. I can see how it will be very easy to maintain" Read More