Raving Fans


Angela Strayhorn December 23rd, 2015 5 Stars!  The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook is amazing.  I feel so happy and relieved about coming in contact with this book. Here is my own feel about it. Firstly, this provides a direct approach to solving the problem of


Talha November 5th, 2015 Being in the corporate arena means sitting at your desk 9 to 5; going home tired and binging on a couch in front of the TV. That’s the routine that I’ve adopted for a few years now. This has also


Alex Noon November 5th, 2015 This book really helped me in my struggle to not only lose weight but to become more healthy as well! After ordering the book, I rigorously followed the 3 steps that are outlined throughout the book and within the first


Annie Rovello November 5th, 2015 I didn’t realize how much impact the type of foods that I eat have on my food addiction. Before reading The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook, I was limiting consumption of fats. Now I’ve started to eat fats again, but I’m


Jennifer November 5th, 2015 This is a guide to once and for all, getting this thing called eating and nutrition, right. From a focal point, two major camps of “baddies” are focused on: sugars and flours. I have read the revised version of Sugar


Stacey November 5th, 2015 Just finished your book, and I LOVED IT!!!! I am feeling highly motivated now and I think I will be fine, organizing, purging and buying the right foods the next couple of weeks. Your advise and book were really wonderful


John Giorla November 5th, 2015 You have to eat a lot of food on this diet, and I mean a lot. The guideline for veggies is 1.5 to 2.0 pounds per day, which is way more than I’ve ever eaten before. You also eat a


Jennifer Inostrozaon November 5th, 2015 If, like me, you have to eat a whole bag of chips or a whole box of cookies before you’re satisfied, then this is the book for you. Until I read The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet Handbook, I resisted doing without


Bonnie Longwill February 7th, 2015 I found everything and made the cookies exactly according to your directions. Flavor was incredibly good. Loved them! A total thumbs up.


Francine S. February 7th, 2015 Thank you very much for your diet tips, and if I may say so, you are one beautiful lady.



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Karen BentleyI'm the creator of The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet System, the founder of The Sugar-Free Institute, and an internationally-recognized sugar-free expert. I’ve been specializing in out-of-control food issues and sugar-free eating since 1998. Read More


Raving Fans

Kim H lost 55 pounds on the Sugar-Free Miracle™ diet. Kim H. after "It was easier to stay on it than I thought. I really didn''t have any cravings, and it was pretty easy. I don't cut fat out at all. I just incorporate it as I normally would do. You have to want to be good to yourself... Everyone can benefit from taking sugar out of their diet. It's a surprise how much food there is to eat on this program. I'm more productive throughout the day. I'm pleasant. I'm happier. I can see how it will be very easy to maintain" Read More