Samantha B (from the UK) lost 30 Pounds on The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet

I have been battling with my weight for more than five years. Aged eighteen, I went to university and suddenly had the freedom to food shop on my own. The pressure of studying was immense and my refuge was the biscuit and chocolate aisle of the supermarket. I would fill my basket to the top – sugar and chocolate galore – and head back two days later, having already polished off the remains. The weight rose until I was 168 lbs, a 56 lb and 50% body increase on my tiny, teenage body.

Samantha before

My weight has risen and fallen every year for many years: a battle of conflict, in every way. I recall what should have been evenings of great fun and chit-chat with friends, but needing to ask them to please leave, feeling so full and so sick from having over eaten. I can also recall the countless diets I have begun, even giving hypnosis a go. They would work until I began to crave the foods I loved, and the diet and my life as a slim person would be over.

Travel is my passion and since graduating, I have worked my way around the world. I was most fortunate to personally meet Karen, in a chance of extraordinary coincidence, while aboard my cruise ship the M/S Nautica. Karen taught me a lot about self-love, self-respect and the limiting of sugar without sacrificing great taste. I disembarked and passed through a four month journey of personal growth and acceptance. The need to over-eat quietly slipped away.

I have my sugar fix now only on weekends, a system that works like clockwork for me. I snack on baked chips and low sugar cakes in the week, and then indulge in some extra calories and chocolate at the weekend. By Monday, I am controlling the sugar and hitting the gym, and Tuesday always shows a healthy figure on the scale.

Samantha after

I stopped bingeing. Just like that.

It felt easy.

It has been more than four months now and I have not wavered from this. Never before have I “stuck” with a “diet” for this amount of time.

What I am doing RIGHT NOW is actually pretty damn fine.

I have lost almost 30 lbs, and I rest easily at 140 lbs. The blurry edges of life are now clearing into a future full of sunshine: thank you Karen!


Kevin C. (from Montana) reversed allergies and lost weight on The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet

Kevin C.Hi Karen, I wanted to thank you for writing your book, Sugar-Free Miracle [Diet Handbook]! I have been on this new way of eating since December, and I feel great! What motivated me to try it was the part where you were saying too much insulin in your system can cause all sorts of symptoms which included asthma and allergies. (Also, the part that says sugar makes you sick, tired, hungry and fat.) My breathing has improved, my allergies went away, and I have lost weight.

I have tons of energy, and when I eat I feel satisfied. When my family and I went to a buffet for Easter this month, I found that I ate a fraction of what I used to, and I felt full. I am amazed. I tell all my clients (I’m a massage therapist) about your eating system, so I hope more people are downloading your book. I know it has changed my quality of life for the better! Thanks again.



Judy F. (from Massachusetts) Lost 40 Pounds on The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet

scalesWeight has been an issue in my life since I was 13 and up. I’ve been on more programs than you can imagine. I was on Diet Workshop. I did Weight Watchers. I did the Zone. Everything worked, but it didn’t work. A couple of them you have to go to classes, and I don’t have time for that. The Zone was fine, but you’re always concentrating on combinations. I was looking and looking and looking for something. I saw your ad and read it and I couldn’t wait to call. I needed something. I was dragging, and I was putting on the weight. And more than putting on the weight was the compulsion with food. And I knew in my head if I hooked into something good, it was going to turn around for me.

It took 24 hours to start feeling good. I just noticed that within 24 to 36 hours the cravings disappear. My eating is so different now. I’m not compulsive. I’m not all the time eating whatever. I don’t have any cravings. I don’t crave any potatoes, rice or any of that stuff. The only craving that I have is for nuts, and I look forward to my daily nuts. I have a snack with nuts. I make different mixtures. And that’s it. I’m full. It’s amazing.

But the best thing, the best is the energy. The energy is amazing. I have more energy than my 15-year old daughter. I’ve gone through a lot of things right now with losing my mother, and my dad’s been in the hospital for a month. And the energy I have is wonderful. I just have this energy 24 hours a day.

I can manage this program anywhere. So, like in the hospital, I go down to the cafeteria, and they put a salad bar out every day. I always carry around a piece of fruit with me. And I’m a water freak. On the road I have my fruit or my nuts. When my husband I go out, I know where to go and what to order. I eat three meals, and when I’m cooking I really make everything flavorful. I always have a snack or two. I love it.

This is the way I’m going to be. There’s no maintaining. It just is. I’m not thinking about what I’m going to be eating. It’s automatic. I don’t need time off. You know what I mean? I’m off. I’m contented.

Regarding success tips for others, the first thing is you’ve got to read this book. That’s huge. They’ve got to do the workbook, too, which I did every day, and it was wonderful, too. The writing in the workbook is very important. It helps you to focus on what you’re doing. I also think that people shouldn’t get on the scale. But I finally got on the scale the other day, and I took off maybe 40 pounds. There’s all kinds of programs out there. This works. I feel good. And I don’t feel like I’m doing anything unusual. If more people did it, it would be wonderful, because they would feel good, too.

My ideal weight is about 125 to 130. I never got on the scale, so I don’t exactly know how much I weighed. At my worst I was into size 16 and getting sick about it. Now I’m a 10. I love it. It’s wonderful. Thank you, Karen. I’m so glad I saw you in the newspaper.


Kim H (from Washington) lost 55 Pounds on The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet

Kim H. beforeKim H. after

At my heaviest I weighed 219. It was way too much for my frame. My body was very, very unhappy. I am just not built to carry that kind of weight. Weight’s been an issue since I had my son… marriage… divorce… it all kind of started then. Up and down. I tried many things, and they all worked. I’d get down to maybe 140 or 150 or something like that, and I’d be pretty satisfied with that for a while, and then I’d gradually inch back. This last time was the most I’ve ever weighed.

It was just horrifying. I was afraid because of my age now and because it had gotten really out of hand that my health was in danger. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror… and on top of that I felt horrible. I had no energy. It hurt to get up off the couch to move. My joints hurt. I’d be out of breath very easily. I had no motivation. You know, it was hard to get up in the morning. It was really just not a good way to live.

It all kind of started last year… I had weight and being unhappy heavy on my mind… I just wanted to make a change… And that kind of started me on this path of change, taking control of my life and thinking differently and talking differently to myself and treating myself better and appreciating who I am and the things that I really have in my life. And then I started working on the Dr. Pat Show, and you were one of the first people that I connected with, and after talking with you and going to your website… this was like the last little segments that needed to click into place for me, and I just knew that this was what I was looking for and what I needed.

And as I told you, well, I’ll give it a week, and I lost 4 pounds, which was very motivating. It was easier to stay on it than I thought it would be because it was a pretty drastic change from the way I had been eating. By the end of the first two weeks, I really didn’t have any cravings, and it was pretty easy. But I was so excited about being on the diet and really, really doing something good for me, and that was very motivational.

I just really didn’t have a lot of cravings because I was so full. But I was full in a different way. I was full in a more satisfied way. I don’t have to keep looking. I don’t have to keep searching because I feel satisfied. It really is a surprise how much food there is to eat on this program. I can’t eat it all. I just can’t.

A lot of people think that you’re going to go on a diet and be depriving yourself and you can’t be enjoying food that’s healthy for you, and that’s just really not true… I love fat… I don’t cut fat out at all. I just incorporate it as I normally would do. I use the kinds of salad dressings that I like and enjoy as long as they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup or sugar. And you do have to look, but there are more and more products available that really fit nicely into this new style.

I can see how it will be very easy to maintain once I reach the goal weight that I want to be. The fat makes it totally liveable. It makes it so you can go to restaurants and eat many different things off the menu. It makes food more delicious, which is very important. I don’t know anyone who has a weight issue who doesn’t love food and so it needs to be delicious. The food that I put into my mouth I want to taste good. Oh my gosh, it’s so great.

It’s really not like you’re on a diet. It really doesn’t feel that way. And I think that’s why it’s so maintainable. Thank you for making this available to people.


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Kim H lost 55 pounds on the Sugar-Free Miracle™ diet. Kim H. after "It was easier to stay on it than I thought. I really didn''t have any cravings, and it was pretty easy. I don't cut fat out at all. I just incorporate it as I normally would do. You have to want to be good to yourself... Everyone can benefit from taking sugar out of their diet. It's a surprise how much food there is to eat on this program. I'm more productive throughout the day. I'm pleasant. I'm happier. I can see how it will be very easy to maintain" Read More